If you’re interested in hiring Rob Redenbach to present at your next event or staff-development session, reading the following LinkedIn articles will give you an indication of his approach.

Motivation is Overrated

If you go to enough conferences it’s only a matter of time until you hear the old chestnut about the challenges Walt Disney faced when he built Disneyland. It’s a great story, and classic ‘motivation’ but the popular version leaves out some important facts. This article explores the difference between ‘rah rah’ motivation and the need for effective leaders to ‘keep it real’.

Resilience & The Key to Sustained Performance

Resilience doesn’t happen magically because of a verbal instruction. Telling someone to ‘be more resilient’ is as meaningless as defining confidence as ‘believing in yourself’. What resilience and (genuine) confidence have in common is that both result from action – not words. This article explains what those actions are.

Shaka Zulu and Uber

Of the many dangers that effective leaders must avoid, complacency would have to be one of the most deadly. This was true in the time of Shaka Zulu, and it remains true today. Appreciating the value of thinking differently, and finding a better way, is the hallmark of an effective leader and the focus of this article.