Rob Redenbach provides powerful insights into leadership and resilience. His books and live presentations incorporate more than 20 years of diverse experiences, including working as an advisor to Nelson Mandela’s bodyguard team in South Africa. Back then he taught his own system of defensive tactics to clients like the American FBI and the British SAS. He also provided personal security to aid-workers in Iraq and Afghanistan. As a civilian and a foreigner, Rob had no formal authority to influence the behaviour of decision-makers. At the same time, as a commercial service provider, he had to navigate bureaucracies, build relationships and negotiate contracts. The strategies Rob developed to deal with those challenges have since been taught to leaders from ANZ, Bechtel, Fuji Xerox, Seagate Technologies, Toyota and Zurich Financial Service – among many others.    

The author of What I Didn’t Learn at Harvard and Leadership Without Rank, Rob has a Masters degree from the Australian Graduate School of Policing. He has also studied Family Mediation and Dispute Resolution at Bond University and completed Executive Education at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard in the United States.


Some of the organisations Rob Redenbach has worked with include: