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The Promise

In the trenches of the Western Front during World War I, a soldier said to his dying mate, “I’ll look after the missus and kids.” This became known as The Promise – and it is still kept today.
Illustrated by Ben Pronk DSC and incorporating the stoic philosophy of Marcus Aurelius, The Promise can be purchased from Amazon Australia.
The Promise is such an important story. Beautifully written, it brings history to life.” 
Melissa Doyle AM – author of 15 Seconds of Brave
“Redenbach’s novella reaches back through the battles of the mind and the heart, with timeless advice on how to grapple with the mess, pain and uncertainty of life. I love it.”
Mark Wales – Ex-Special Ops Commander & Australian ‘Survivor’ Winner
If you represent a not-for-profit that helps veterans and/or first-responders and you’d like to use The Promise as a way of raising funds for your cause, feel free to contact Rob. Similarly, if you’d like to add The Promise to your school teaching list, you can email for more information.
The Promise is beautifully written, speaks to the best of Australian values and reminds us we can be better.”
Duane Nurse – English Teacher, Christ Church Grammar School